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The timeline of events in my life will help explain why supporting wellness is important to me.

1985 - Married Keith at Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii

1986 - Daughter Kiley was born

1987 - Daughter Casey was born

1989 - Began homeschooling. Couldn't wait. :o)

1991 - Daughter Hannah was born, stillborn.

1991 - Miscarriage of baby #4

1992 - Daughter Haley was born

1994 - Miscarriage of baby #6

1994 - Founded Queen Homeschool Supplies, (, our homeschool publishing company.

1994 - Became a Homeschool Support Group Leader after two friends and I started Fayette County Christian Homeschoolers

1994 - Wrote "From Woman! God's Plan for the Marvelous Changes That Will Take Place," which would become the first of                      over  400 books that I have written.

1994 - Doctor does bloodwork to determine cause of miscarriages and stillbirth, and I am diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease, an                          autoimmune thyroid disease. After 7 1/2 years of detoxing, my thyroid finally began to function ] again, though I was told this was              impossible.

1995 - Son Evan was born

1995 - Began speaking at national homeschool conventions

1995 - Was asked to be a M.O.P.S. group leader

1998 - Son Luke was born

1999 - Moved to our current location

2001 - Son Jeremiah was born.

2005 - Jeremiah was diagnosed with cancer - specically, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, at age 3 1/2, with his liver at time of diagnosis                99% leukemia cells. You can read about this at He was immediately, because he was a                          child, forced into a mandatory protocol of 3 1/2 years of daily chemotherapy, regular spinal taps and bone marrow aspirates, and                  many other things I prefer not to remember.      

2005 - The Lord led us to an alternative health practitioner who does much of what I do today. We learned the benefits of wellness support             first–hand.

2006 - My father was diagnosed with cancer. Lymphoma.

2007 - I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

2007 - After one month of alternative treatment, my cancer was no longer there.

2010 - Six members of my immediate family were found to have cancer. Different kinds, and some showed several different cancers.

2010 - I began training to become a Certified Holistic Wellness Professional  through Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health.

2011 - I began teaching essential oils classes around the country.

2012 - I was certified to do Aromatouch technique (light touch massage) using doTERRA essential oils.

2012 - I finished training as a Certified Holistic Wellness Professional

2012 - After 7 1/2 years of being a client for a practitioner using electrodermal screening technique, I purchased a Biomeridian machine,               and began training to better help clients find products to support wellness in their bodies by seeing which systems might need                      support, and which products might be beneficial to that end.

2012 - One of the aforementioned 6 immediate family members who had been diagnosed with cancer was found to be cancer free. Praise                the Lord for what He has done, and for leading us to wellness support!

2012 - I attended a training conference for health and wellness professionals, "Cancer Answers," attending seminar after seminar from                   different medical doctors about how to best offer support to those with cancer. I received another certificate for attending this                       teaching seminar.

2012 - I opened my wellness support office. As learning is an ongoing process, I continue to move forward in learning new things as I see             how people respond to changes they have chosen to implement in their lifestyles. I plan to continue my education in the field of                   natural health, continually learning the newest advances in alternative therapies.

2012 - A blessed year...another of the six aforementioned family members is found to be cancer-free!! Very encouraging indeed. Praise                 the  Lord!

2012 - I flew to Minneapolis to attend one-on-one training in advanced use of the Biomeridian machine.

2012 - I attended the week-long seminar, "World Cancer Summit."

2012 - Another family member declared "Cancer-free!" Praise be to God!

2012 - Began training for certification in Acupressure and Chinese Massage

2012 - Developed a new facial rejuvenation technique called "Essential Skin Vitality Technique®" to be offered in our wellness center,                 along with development and production of two specific, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oil blends to be used for this technique.

2013 - I completed training for certification in Chinese Tuina (massage) and Acupressure.

2013 - Began studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.) through Trinity School of Natural Health.

2013 - Created an acupressure and organic essential oils technique, "Stress Release®", to be offered at The Holistic Wellness Center

2013 - Finished writing and publishing an alternative health curriculum, "Every Herb Bearing Seed," one of the volumes in the                               "Discovering Nature & Science" series offered at (under the "science" category)

2013 - Trained to give Ionic Footbath Detox sessions, then trained 2 other technicians to give them at The Holistic Wellness Center

2015 - Completed course of study to become a Doctor of Naturopathy

2018 - Received Board Certification with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

2018 - Created the "Dr. Queen's" brand of nutritional supplements carried at The Holistic Wellness Center, and sold in the "Natural                         Health" section at

Current: I continue to attend ongoing education classes as well as teaching classes on alternative treatments, essential oils, nutrition, and other aspects relating to alternative health.

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