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    The Biomeridian Machine measures the energy at the body's meridian points, showing possible areas of imbalance in the body. These measurements, taken through a painless series of touching various acupressure points on the hands, gives clients more information about their body's energetic disturbances, as well as allowing us to customize a supplement and dietary protocol unique to your body's needs.

    Used in medical offices and wellness centers throughout the world, Biomeridian's Meridian Stress Assessment System quickly, accurately, and painlessly helps the practitioner educate clients about possible remedies that will help support each client's individual body.

    Biomeridian's Bio-ReportorizationBio-Reportorization is a fast, accurate, and objective profiling tool that assists a practitioner in identifying the optimal homeopathic protocol, including Main, Secondary, and Phase remedies for each client.

    This revolutionary profiling tool provides the practitioner with objective client data to assist in determining what major systems and organs of the body are energetically out of balance. This information, including profiling information and client symptoms is combined and analyzed to drive the practitioner to the optimal homeopathic protocol.

    Bio-Reportorization is designed to support core functional health. .

    Though it is set up as information for medical doctors who desire to know more about this wonderful wellness tool, there is a short, informative video about what this machine is and how it works at Once you watch it, you'll want to schedule your appointment with us by calling us at 724-447-2037, or emailing If you are coming from outside the US, or from another state (we are on the PA/WV border - on the PA side), we can recommend a local hotel if you need to make a reservation. We are located 1/2 hour from Waynesburg, PA, 1 hour from Washington, PA, 1/2 hour from Mannington, WV, and 1 hour from Morgantown, WV, if you prefer to make lodging arrangements in one of these areas.

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