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Ionic Detox Footbath With Infrared Sessions

We offer the best prices on Ionic Detox Footbaths, and also include the additional power of infrared, to work even deeper in detoxification

Relax in a comfy chair in a quiet room with your feet soaking in the Ionic Detox Footbath, and prepare to be amazed at what happens to the water you're soaking in! 

The soles of the feet have long been reported to be prime detoxification zones for the entire body. The Ionic Detox Footbath with Infrared is reputed to pull out and release deep-seated heavy metals, chemicals, fungus, and other toxins, as well as improving lymphatic flow and circulation, all in a series of painless, relaxing sessions.

Cost Per Session.........$35.00 (pay as you go)

Packages: (may be shared between members of the same household, non-refundable if you don't show up for prepaid sessions)

Package of 5 Sessions (prepaid)........$180.00 ($30 each)

Package of 10 Sessions (prepaid)......$250.00 ($25 each)

Call 724-447-2037 and ask for Casey or Sandi to schedule today!

"I can tell a difference in the circulation in my legs after just ONE session! I can't wait to see what I feel like after a few more visits!"  

                                                                                                                                                                   - S.B.

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