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How Do I Get IN?????

As word about what we do here spreads, the question comes more frequently...just how do I get an appointment to get in there and see you?
It's EASY!
Here's what you need to do:

1.  Click on the link for "Client Intake Forms" on the lefthand side of this site.  When       it opens up, click on the link for the forms, and open them up.  Print them.

2.  Fill them out and sign them, then mail them to us at:    
  Sandi Queen, CHWP      
  The Holistic Wellness Center      
   168 Plantz Ridge Road     
  New Freeport  PA  15352

3.  Call to schedule your appointment.  Once we have your filled-out forms and have      had a chance to go over them (usually takes one day), you'll be ready to come.     That's it!  You can even call and make your appointment the same day you mail      your forms, as by the time you get here, we'll likely have received your forms.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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