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Rebounding With Rebounding

My pastor, a health enthusiast, ordered a rebounder, or mini trampoline, this morning.  As were discussing the many benefits of rebounding, or bouncing, on this inexpensive and fun piece of equipment, I thought of how many people have misconceptions about rebounding.

Though it is fun to do and great for kids, rebounding is not simply for young people. In fact, some of those who stand to benefit the most from this activity are senior citizens.  In essence, rebounding is for all ages.  

Rebounding, though it is done on a mini trampoline, is not quite the same as jumping on one of those huge trampolines like you may have in your yard.  It's not for doing flips, but it can be a great workout.  Some people, like myself, who are often pressed for time, can get a good aerobic workout in just a few minutes per day by varying the intensity and types of jumps done in a single session.  

My first exposure to rebounding came when my young son was found to have cancer.  Since we supplemented with many alternative "helps," it was recommended by our naturopath at the time to have him rebound, both to stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation, and to help move the supplements, as well as the nutrition in his food, through his body more effectively.  At that time, we began using an inexpensive, spring rebounder - the typical type you see in your local department store.  

Though I forced my son and myself to use it almost daily, it quickly fell out of favor, as it was very jarring, and just didn't "feel good" to jump on.

A few years later, I happened upon an article about the benefits of rebounding on a mini trampoline that is held tight with stretchy bands instead of springs.  I studied this for several months, and finally decided to take the plunge and send for one.  It was much more expensive than the other kind, but much more enjoyable to use, and therefore, much more beneficial to our bodies, as we actually USE it!

I've found that a quality rebounder, such as those from Bellicon or Jumpsport (neither with which I have any affiliation) really do make all the difference.  Since then, I've recommended them as a help to many, finding that even those who are barely able to walk without pain, such as those with MS or fibromyalgia, are able to at least sit on the rebounder and bounce gently up and down, still gaining the benefits of lymphatic and circulatory stimulation.  This would not be the case with a typical, spring stretched rebounder, due to its jarring nature.

If you are considering a new form of exercise, or looking for something to increase circulation or lymph flow, or even if you're just, like me, always open to trying new things that might be of benefit to your health, I would encourage you to buy a quality rebounder, such as those by Bellicon or Jumpsport, and give it a try!
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