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A healthier ph

Did you know that an acidic body can be a friendly home for un-wellness?  Our bodies run best when the ph is healthy.  When we eat the Standard American Diet, or SAD, as it is appropriately nicknamed, our bodies can quickly become too acidic.  Coffee, processed carbs, too much meat, sugar, and other common American favorites can move our ph toward the acidic range.  The addition of just 2 or 3 drops of doTERRA's lemon essential oil to a glass of water once or twice each day is not only a delicious drink, it can help to move your ph back into the healthy range.  doTERRA's essential oils are the ONLY Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils available, and the only ones I find worthy (and pure enough!) to put in my body.  You can purchase this oil very inexpensively at - and even more inexpensively if you click on the link in the lower left corner to sign up as a wholesale customer (with no minimum order requirement or any of that stuff - just better prices!)  Enjoy!
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