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Products We Offer

We offer many products, such as books to educate and support you in your quest for wellness, natural beauty products,specialty food items, tea, essential oils, and of course, the best, professional grade nutritional supplements - herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, custom Bach flower remedies, and more in our store area, located in our office.  You can buy products when you come in person, or by calling us to order by credit card.  Our phone lines are open between the hours of 9 and 4 EST, weekdays only.

You can browse or shop our doTERRA® essential oils site at  You can also join here as a wholesale member to get top quality essential oils, supplements, and personal and home care products at 25% off retail prices.


                                                 Check out our own private 
                                                 line of "Dr. Queen's" brand
                                                 of custom supplement 
                                                 formulas, available only at
                                                 The Holistic Wellness Center
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